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Sonically rich, Shaw’s poems celebrate language’s capacities and probe its potential to move us from mourning to joy and a more profound commitment to life in all its forms.

“It Will Have Been So Beautiful, Amanda Shaw’s wonderful debut, is as interested in language itself as what language can make. “This shouldn’t be beautiful,” she writes, but to the contrary, it is.” 

Nathan McClain, Author of Previously Owned
Up there amid the midges and wild carrot
Greg told me about the layers of time
I couldn't see, the remnants
of fervent lava streams
beneath the green furrows
and uneven strips of rock. Midges?
Black flies? Gnats? Whatever the tongue
called them, they sought
our hollows, entered nose and mouth.

—from “These Mountains (II)”

Amanda Shaw

Writer Amanda Shaw has loved language and literature since childhood. She is an accomplished author and educator. Currently, Amanda serves as the book review editor for Lily Poetry Review, where she actively supports emerging authors. 

Her debut collection, It Will Have Been So Beautiful, was published by Lily Poetry Review Books in March 2024.

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